Forklift truck moving boxes in storage warehouse

Home Storage

More people are choosing to use containerised storage as a way to keep additional furniture which isn’t presently required. Other families are, as a result of the financial situation that is affecting many people around the world, moving to smaller properties when their previous homes have become too large for them. People also like to have furniture storage should they need to move into sheltered accommodation when they become older.

It is a wrench for people to be permanently separated from possessions collected over many years, and by using Brown & Illingworth’s storage facility they can have access to their furniture whenever they want to see it. In some situations they may even swap items of furniture around from time to time.

Storing furniture can be a really cost effective way to keep furniture and belongings when you have a shortage of space. You can store items on very flexible terms, and we will be more than happy to discuss the storage of your property.

Furniture Storage

There are many reasons why people use home storage. We may be moving them to another property, possibly a new-build, that isn’t quite ready for them. Their furniture and personal effects are able to go into storage on a short-term basis and then when their new home is ready, we can easily take all their belongings and complete the removal process.

We can tailor your removal specifically to your requirements. We can arrange to pack everything, or will provide packing materials so that you can complete that part of the task. Whatever you choose to do, we will ensure that we provide a professional and friendly service at all times.

Whatever reasons you have for wanting to store some or all of your belongings, we at Brown & Illingworth will ensure that they are kept safely at all times until you are ready to welcome them back to your home.