Commercial Storage

We at Brown & Illingworth are fully aware of the commercial storage needs of our business customers and have been assisting them with their removals and storage for over forty years. In many cases we will move their machinery, office equipment and furniture to new business premises. In other situations it may be necessary to arrange to store some equipment for a variable length of time.

We have extensive commercial storage facilities in a secure environment. The storage can be available for short or long term and is a really cost effective way to keep equipment which isn’t required at present. With 24 hr controlled access to the facility, whenever any stored item is required, it is simplicity itself to arrange.

If you are moving premises, yet you have spare office desks and chairs, it is ideal to store them rather than wasting valuable office space. It is surprising how much space in offices are taken up by desks that have no-one working at them, and empty filing cabinets. It makes perfect sense to store these items which are cluttering up the office. It is also much cheaper than you may expect to store commercial furniture in our warehousing units.

There are extremely flexible terms which ensure that you only pay for your chosen services. In some cases, there may be industrial machines that require storing for a short period of time, or longer, whilst the business may be moving to new premises, or having alterations carried out to their existing premises.


The specialist storage facility at Brown & Illingworth in Newcastle has fire detection equipment, 24 hour cctv and perimeter fencing. These are designed to give you the peace of mind that all your expensive equipment and furniture is being looked after as carefully as possible.

Brown & Illingworth will be delighted to discuss your storage requirements and arrange a visit to our storage facility. Once you have seen the various security measures you will be confident that we will be doing everything possible to ensure that all your belongings are kept as safely as possible.