Crate Hire

As an integral part of our removal and delivery services, we at Brown & Illingworth can arrange for clients to hire a variety of crates and pallets. It then becomes much easier for customers to stack the pallets when they arrive at their warehouse.
Pallets are available in a huge choice of materials and sizes so it should be easy to find the ideal pallets to assist in your business or removal.

Pallet hire is available for as long or short a time period as is necessary. We know that every customer needs to make every penny stretch as far as possible and we will be delighted to discuss the various options.
We also have a wide range of crate hire which are available in many sizes and colours. The majority of crates have lids in order to keep the contents clean and dry, but there are some crates which don’t have lids allowing the customer to make the best choice for them.

Pallet Hire

Crates and pallets are extremely useful to assist with business removals. Whether the business is just relocating to another unit within the same building, or perhaps to the other side of town, using crates and pallets will make unpacking considerably easier after the move. We can arrange for crates to be delivered a few days before the move so that they can be carefully packed.

We can also arrange to do all of the packing and unpacking for you should you prefer, which will leave the staff members to continue with their work until close to the move. Business customers may also decide that this is an ideal time to archive all paperwork which just requires keeping for a statutory period of time. We will be delighted to show you our storage and archive solutions. We can also arrange for containerised storage to keep extra furniture out of the office when not required, but accessible for when it is needed again.

We have the complete solution to business removals, storage and archiving of documents. Our professionalism has remained constant over our forty years in this competitive industry.