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International Removals

As more people are relocating to other countries it is important to know that the company entrusted to transport their hard earned possessions and furniture has enough experience to cope with the additional pressures involved. We at Brown & Illingworth, based in Newcastle in the north east of England, have over forty years of experience in international removals.

Whether you have a business which is moving into Europe or even further afield, we can arrange international removals with the same efficiency as we do with domestic removals. Home-owners who are relocating abroad are also able to benefit from the experience of our company.

All international moves are undertaken in co-operation with extremely professional international partners. They take over from Brown & Illingworth and ensure that all furniture and belongings are delivered in accordance with the instructions agreed with our company. This means that no matter where you move a local company will provide you with the best possible service.

We can also arrange to store furniture and belongings in our specialist storage facility. This can be extremely helpful for those families who have sold their previous property, and the sale completed earlier than had been anticipated.

International Movers

We are international movers who plan every aspect of your removal, obviously in consultation with you. We will arrange a full packing service, which if you are travelling a long distance, will be extremely beneficial as this will ensure that every item, including crockery and precious ornaments will safely reach their destination. Should you prefer to pack everything yourselves, then of course, that is your choice.

Brown & Illingworth will provide suitable packing boxes to assist you. Any furniture that needs dismantling will be done as part of the overall complete removal package, but yet again, this is something that you can discuss with us so that you choose the level of service which you prefer.

Commercial clients moving abroad can also benefit immensely by the experience of Brown & Illingworth. Ask us for advice and we will be delighted to assist you in every possible way.