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House Removals

Once you have a buyer for your old home and you’ve found that new dream home, it’s time to start making arrangements for the removal of all furniture and personal possessions. House removals can be a really stressful time for the whole family, so contact the experts, Brown & Illingworth, and allow us to deal with everything related to the move itself.

When you call Brown & Illingworth by phone or email we will be delighted to visit you in order to discuss the removal service best suited to your situation. We offer a full packing service, so that every precious item in your home will arrive safely at your new address. If you want to arrange the packing yourself, that’s fine and Brown & Illingworth will happily supply you with a box containing packing and cleaning materials.

We will provide quotations – without charge – showing comprehensive prices for whichever service you choose. You can even arrange to pack some items yourself and ask us to finish the work. It is a completely bespoke service and we want to make the move as easy as possible for you. Leave your move in the hands of professionals, people that understand how important it is for all house removals to complete smoothly.

House Removals Newcastle

Throughout the north east of England, including Durham and Sunderland, we are well-known for our professional, yet friendly approach to every client. On the day of the move we will ensure that all of your precious furniture is carefully blanket wrapped and securely strapped into the van. This means that nothing can move around whilst the van is travelling to your new home.

When the removal van arrives, everything is brought into the new home and delivered to the right position in your chosen room. We make sure that everything is planned so that we complete your move with as little stress as possible.

From your initial contact with Brown & Illingworth, the leading home removals Newcastle company will work tirelessly to make your moving day one which you can look back on and remember that it was much easier than you expected.