Dedicated Vehicle Services

When there is need for a delivery service without any excuses or delays, then the best way to guarantee it is with Brown & Illingworth’s dedicated vehicles. This ensures that items will be collected direct from the customer and delivered according to his specifications.

We at Brown & Illingworth, the Newcastle based removal company, know how important time is when there is a problem that needs to be solved. We have been providing excellent customer service for over forty years, and with our experience gained in the industry are able to give every customer our undivided attention. This is through a named representative who will always liaise with the client. Another way to give the customer the best possible service is through ensuring that all vehicles are regularly maintained, and in fact, replaced before major problems arise.

We have a huge fleet of high quality vehicles of different sizes to ensure that whatever the requirement of the customer, we will not have a problem in fulfilling our promises to the client.

We have a complete range of services including removals and storage of machinery and office equipment and at the other end of the scale there is an excellent document facility.

We don’t just say that the customer is always right – we actually mean it. Without satisfied customers our business just wouldn’t exist. With so many businesses struggling at present, we know that the service provided by us has to be second to none.

Find out more about our dedicated vehicle services by calling us, and we will be delighted to visit you to discuss your requirements. A visit ensures that the client is happy with the proposal given by us and can clarify points if necessary.

We look after our clients otherwise we wouldn’t have thrived for over forty years in our chosen business. For all deliveries by dedicated vehicle, contact the experts.