Document Storage

Brown & Illingworth realise the importance of providing document storage and archiving services of the highest quality.

There are so many paper files which must be kept for a mandatory period of time, yet if they are kept in offices, the space can disappear very quickly. It is also very expensive if you turn over a whole office to keep files safely. Even then, it is possible that different members of staff can wander in and out, remove a file for a short time, and then return it into an incorrect box.

There is now a much safer and secure way to deal with the problem of document storage. We at Brown & Illingworth have three different methods of ensure that your documents are carefully kept until required.

The first of these deals with files that may be required on a regular or ad hoc basis, but must be accessible. These files are kept in boxes on a shelving system. When the client wants to retrieve a file from one of their boxes they simply remove the box from the shelf and take the file from the box. The box can then be replaced on the shelf and then when work on the file has been completed the file can be returned to the box.

Archiving Services

The second method of keeping files is with the archive storage facility which covers all types of paperwork that is generated from the business but must be kept for a specific number of years. This type of storage wouldn’t normally need accessing and is kept in a dedicated container that is secured and sealed. The paperwork isn’t likely to need accessing so it is tightly packed to keep costs to a minimum.

Scanning Services

The third service that we offer relates to scanning to ensure that all paper files are also available in a digital format. This gives instant access to files for auditing purposes as well as being a secure, centralised storage facility which is available should a disasters happen. With all documents in digital files it will be easily accessible whenever required.