Factory Relocation

Brown & Illingworth know that for those clients that have an industrial business which needs to be relocated it can be a worrying time. This is a specialised operation which can only be undertaken by removal firms with considerable experience in dealing with heavy and expensive machinery and equipment.

A factory relocation can, by its very nature, take longer than a normal domestic or commercial removal. From your first contact with us our specialist team will provide total support throughout the time before the move, during the move itself, and we are available until every machine, office furniture and ancillary equipment is correctly sited in the new premises. A representative of our company will liaise with a member of your staff on a regular basis to ensure that everything is proceeding in accordance with the time schedule.

Brown & Illingworth, with experience gained during their forty years in the removal business, know that the very best plans can sometimes go awry through circumstances that aren’t anyone’s fault. When this happens it is important to have total confidence in your removal company and we will be able to advise you of various alternatives.

Industrial Removals

If another business is moving into your rented premises, yet you are purchasing your new industrial building and completion has been delayed by a few days what do you do? You can’t remain where you are, and must vacate on the due date. In that situation, we have specialist storage facilities where all machinery and equipment can be deposited in one or more containers ready to be delivered as soon as legal completion of the new factory premises takes place.

This obviously isn’t the ideal situation, but it does provide the best short-term solution to a problem. Once you have access to your new premises we will continue to ensure that all down-time of your business is kept to a minimum.

When you want the best firm to arrange your industrial removals, Brown & Illingworth won’t disappoint on any level. Whether you are just moving across town, or to another part of the country, Brown & Illingworth are there to assist you every step of the way.