About us

Brown & Illingworth are the company to contact when business or home-owners are moving. For more than four decades we have broadened our knowledge and because of this there isn’t very much that we don’t know when it comes to home removals or commercial removals.

When anyone is planning on moving they need to know that the company providing the removal services will act in a professional and caring capacity in looking after their furniture and personal belongings.

What Brown & Illingworth Offer to Residential Customers

Brown & Illingworth offer complete removal services – we don’t just turn up on the day, cram everything possible into the back of a removal van and when we reach our destination, get everything out of the van, dump it in the property and then disappear quickly.

We are a reputable removal company known throughout the north east of England and we endeavour to deliver an impeccable service to every client – every new enquiry receives immediate attention.

A high standard of service is given to all our clients whether it is transporting property hundreds of miles, or storing a few items for a short period of time.

There are many different services offered by Brown & Illingworth and all of them are well worth consideration.

Clients who are moving property will be pleased to hear that we can pack everything in readiness for the move, all furniture will be securely strapped in the van for the journey and on arrival all effects will be unpacked and placed in the correct rooms at your new address.

What Brown & Illingworth Offer to Commercial Customers

Brown & Illingworth are also able to deal with commercial customers, whether they are just moving a short distance or further afield. We will dismantle furniture before moving and re-assemble at the new premises. We even have a representative liaise with a member of your staff to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

We also have a secure storage facility where extra items can be stored if not required immediately. On top of this we can provide specialised document storage for safekeeping of important paperwork or for archived documents.

Brown & Illingworth are the local company with international experience. We will provide an excellent service for every removal.