Removals North East

We at Brown & Illingworth are extremely well-known in the Newcastle area for our domestic removal services. Every client who is moving home will need to consider the removal of all of their furniture and personal possessions. We have been providing removals, north east and elsewhere, for over forty years.

As soon as you have a buyer for your property it is time to choose a removal company that can transport all of your prized possessions without causing any damage. We can also provide a complete packing service if this would be helpful for you. We will also dismantle furniture if necessary and re-assemble it at the new home. Should you want to pack your personal possessions then we will supply lots of packing materials in order to make the job much easier. We will also ensure that you receive the packing materials in plenty of time before the day of the move.

Removal Company North East

When it is the day of the move the professional and friendly staff from Brown & Illingworth will ensure that your furniture is covered in a special material and is firmly strapped to the van so that it can’t move during the journey to your new home.
On arrival at the destination, the van is unloaded and all furniture is taken to the room required and is even placed in the correct position. We won’t leave the property until you are satisfied that everything is complete.

It really is good to hear that the client is always right and we want to ensure that the clients arrive at their new home without having had any stress during the day.
If the new home isn’t ready to move into, we have an excellent storage facility where all items brought from the home can be placed in a container until required. When the time is right to move the belongings to the new home then it is an easy job to move everything to the new address.
We at Brown & Illingworth are the north east removal company that you can trust at all times.